power lines against colorful sky

Enhanced Efficiency for $4B CAPEX Program

AEP, a leading energy provider, needed a trusted partner to help effectively manage their annual $4 billion Capital Expenditure (CAPEX)...

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power lines against sunset clouds

Revolutionizing Construction Oversight for ONCOR Electric Delivery

ONCOR Electric Delivery sought to develop a robust construction oversight program to effectively manage their major capital transmission line and...

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sun shining through power lines

Improving System Reliability & Operational Excellence for Duke Energy

Duke Energy embarked on a significant expansion of CAPEX spending to enhance their distribution system and improve overall system reliability....

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sunrise over power lines

Optimizing Post-Construction Inspections for CenterPoint

CenterPoint, a prominent utility provider in the Houston area, sought to enhance their post-construction inspection process for their extensive distribution...

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power station in the snow

Streamlining Distribution System Improvements for Oncor

In response to the severe weather events of February 2021, Oncor, a leading energy provider, significantly increased funding for distribution...

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power station on green grass

Enhancing Transmission Asset Management for LS Power

LS Power, with a growing portfolio of transmission assets spanning multiple regions from New York to Texas, recognized the need...

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criss-crossing power lines against sunrise

Enhancing Project Oversight for TNMP in West Texas

TNMP faced the challenge of rapid load growth in the oil and gas fields of West Texas, necessitating the construction...

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power substation at sunset

Streamlining Construction Project Oversight for Large IOU

As the number of construction projects increased, the existing staff responsible for construction project oversight at a Large IOU began...

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power lines against orange sky

Enhancing Material and Construction Management for Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy SPS experienced a rapid increase in capital spending (Capex), rising from $20M to $300M per year due to...

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