Asset Management

Maximizing Value.
Minimizing Costs.

Think Power Asset Management renews and strengthens substations, transmission lines, and distribution facilities ‒ the backbone of every power grid.

asset management

With superior technology, expert data gathering, and condition based maintenance, we extend the lifespan of critical infrastructure.

Our cost-benefit strategies help utilities conduct risk-based capital planning. Backed by hard data and aerial technology, we identify vulnerabilities and repair hidden failures that manifest over time, for optimized asset performance. By reducing downtime, boosting efficiency, and enhancing safety, we improve stakeholder satisfaction while delivering significant savings end-to-end. Think Power customers rely on us for:

Asset Inspection

Think Power utility experts conduct meticulous asset inspections, thoroughly evaluating and documenting transmission, distribution, and substation facilities. All essential information is recorded in our project management database in order to generate reliable maintenance recommendations. Our comprehensive inspection process documents poles, equipment, and installed hardware, along with identifying joint-use agreements. We provide precise GPS coordinates for each pole, carefully recording meters and meter numbers to ensure accurate asset tracking. In addition, we identify pole ownership, install or record pole tags, and document damaged facilities in detail.

Pole Life Extension / Wood Utility Inspection

Our pole life extension and wood utility inspection service prolongs the lifespan of utility poles through field reviews and preventative maintenance. Detailed assessments identify and address wood pole decay, damage, and structural weaknesses in order to ensure the integrity and reliability of your infrastructure. By implementing such proactive measures, we help extend the life of utility assets, reducing downtime and minimizing the need for costly replacements.

Drone Inspections

Leveraging advanced aerial technology, our drone inspection service offers comprehensive analysis of power lines, towers, and substations. High-resolution images are collected swiftly and safely, eliminating the risks associated with manual inspections in challenging terrain or hazardous conditions. Drone technology offers unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. By enhancing inspection capabilities, it also enables proactive maintenance, ensuring the reliability of your utility infrastructure.

Joint Use Services

Our joint use services facilitate efficient sharing of utility infrastructure among multiple service providers, optimizing asset utilization and minimizing conflicts. We manage agreements, rights-of-way, and access permissions to streamline the joint use of poles, conduits, and other critical assets, for seamless collaboration. Through coordinated planning, we help utilities maximize the value of shared infrastructure while complying with local, state and federal regulations.