Protection & Control Services

Holistic Approach.
High-Grade Protection.

Think Power Protection and Control Services safeguard power systems regardless of age or size.

We don’t simply run tests. We dig deep into the system, leveraging our extensive expertise across diverse industries to develop and implement inspection and maintenance programs that ensure safety, efficiency, and reliability.

Our team is among the finest in the industry, capable of managing projects accurately and comprehensively, making sure testing, repairs, inspections, and equipment rating evaluations run smoothly from the outset. Customized maintenance programs create secure and dependable electric power systems aligned with NFPA 70E requirements. Whether you’re looking to establish a maintenance program or strengthen an existing one, our expertise provides iron-clad support for today and tomorrow.

Substation Commissioning

Think Power Solutions tests and commissions electrical power equipment, including protective relays and substations – ensuring all components were installed correctly and meet performance, design, and operational criteria. We maximize reliability with truly comprehensive maintenance regimens, including inspections, upkeep, checks, measurements, simulations, and periodic evaluations of equipment ratings.

Our deep knowledge of electric power system design, construction, and operation allows us to mitigate risks, identify potential issues, and enhance the quality of your infrastructure by minimizing downtime, optimizing output, and improving the longevity of critical assets, so you can rely on them well into the future.

Explore our range of Protection & Control Services:

  • Relay Testing Services
    • Electromechanical & Solid State
    • Microprocessor
    • End-to-End Testing
    • Fault Simulations
    • Protection System Evaluation
    • IEC 61850 Compliant Testing
    • NERC Compliance Testing
  • Circuit Breaker & Switch Testing
    • SF6 Circuit Breakers
    • Oil Circuit Breakers
    • Vacuum Circuit Breakers
    • Time Travel Testing
    • Insulation Resistance Testing
    • DRLO Testing
    • Auto Circuit Reclosers
  • Transformer Testing
    • Power Factor and Bushing PF
    • Turns Ratio
    • Sweep Frequency Response
    • Exciting Current
    • Insulation Resistance
    • Winding Resistance
    • Oil Analysis and DGA
    • Maintenance and Testing Contracts
  • Substation Equipment Testing
    • Power Cable Testing
    • Capacitors Testing
    • Station Ground Grid Testing
    • Station Battery Testing
    • Thermographic Inspection
    • UPS Acceptance Testing
  • Commissioning Services
    • Power Transformers
    • Secondary Transformers
    • Protective Relays
    • HV Circuit Breakers
    • Switches and Reclosers
    • Commissioning Management

Think Power Solutions Protection and Control Services ensure electrical systems operate safely, reliably, and optimally. By systematically testing, inspecting, and evaluating equipment, we identify and resolve problems before they escalate ‒ in order to avoid expensive repairs, downtime, and maintenance. Contact us today to learn how we can help you protect and manage assets over their lifecycle.