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Streamlining Distribution System Improvements for Oncor

The Challenge

In response to the severe weather events of February 2021, Oncor, a leading energy provider, significantly increased funding for distribution system improvements. This surge in funding, which exceeded $100 million, led to the addition of over 75 contract construction crews exclusively supporting this effort. With such a substantial increase in project activity, Oncor recognized the need for dedicated oversight to ensure the efficient execution of these projects.

The Solution

Think Power was engaged to provide 10 additional oversight resources tasked with managing all aspects of project execution. These resources collaborated closely with Oncor’s engineering and construction groups to facilitate efficient resource utilization and timely project completion. The responsibilities of the oversight personnel included:

  • Coordination with Various Oncor Departments: Oversight personnel coordinated with various Oncor departments, including planning, engineering, and construction, to ensure seamless collaboration and alignment of project objectives.
  • Project Resource Planning and Management: They were responsible for planning and managing project resources, including personnel, equipment, and materials, as well as optimizing project efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Utilization of Oncor Software Systems: Oversight personnel accessed Oncor’s software systems to maintain project schedules and track progress, enabling real-time monitoring and reporting of project status.
  • Field Project Oversight: They provided on-site oversight and supervision of project activities, ensuring adherence to safety protocols, quality standards, and project specifications.
  • Overall Project Quality Assurance: Oversight personnel were responsible for implementing quality assurance measures to uphold project quality and mitigate risks throughout the project lifecycle.

Key Benefits

  1. Efficient Project Execution: Dedicated oversight resources facilitated efficient project execution by coordinating with internal departments, optimizing resource utilization, and closely monitoring project progress.
  2. On-time Delivery: By managing project resources and schedules effectively, oversight personnel ensured timely completion of projects, minimizing delays and meeting project milestones.
  3. Enhanced Collaboration: Close collaboration with various Oncor departments fostered alignment of project objectives and streamlined communication, enhancing overall project efficiency.
  4. Real-Time Project Monitoring: Utilization of Oncor’s software systems enabled real-time monitoring and tracking of project progress, providing stakeholders with timely insights into project status and performance.
  5. Improved Quality Control: Implementation of quality assurance measures ensured adherence to quality standards and specifications, mitigating risks and enhancing the overall quality of project deliverables.

The Results

Through the deployment of dedicated oversight resources and effective collaboration with Oncor’s internal teams, Think Power successfully supported the streamlined execution of distribution system improvements for Oncor. The proactive management of project resources, close monitoring of project progress, and implementation of quality assurance measures resulted in efficient project execution, timely completion, and enhanced project quality, ultimately contributing to the resilience and reliability of Oncor’s distribution system.