Storm Response

Ready for the Unexpected.

When disaster strikes, your utility infrastructure faces its greatest test. Think Power Solutions stands ready to fortify your operations with our comprehensive suite of services tailored to the unique challenges of storm recovery.

storm response

Our resources are ready to deploy, in order to evaluate damage and oversee restoration during a crisis. We’re mobile, prepared to put boots on the ground at a moment’s notice, even in rough, vast, and dangerous terrain. Backed by years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we deliver unparalleled support to ensure the swift restoration of your services.

Before repair crews have even arrived onsite, we can patrol distribution crossings, assess roads, identify public safety concerns, and determine which travel paths are still accessible. Such a wealth of data allows utilities to formulate their strategy while their teams are still in motion, directing them to crucial locations in order to bring power lines back online in less time and with less cost.

Storm Response Services

Damage Assessment

Accurate and timely assessment of storm damage is crucial. Our expert teams swiftly evaluate the impact on your infrastructure, providing you with detailed reports and actionable insights to prioritize restoration efforts effectively. Information is transmitted in real-time, providing a clear picture of hazards present within the work area. With our help, repair crews can gauge damage ahead of time and can see how adjacent transmission and distribution lines have been affected.

Wire Down Guards

Protecting against the hazards of downed wires is paramount to ensuring public safety and minimizing further damage. Our experienced wire down guards offer robust protection, mitigating risks and facilitating safer working conditions for repair crews.

Safety & Security

Amidst the chaos of a storm's aftermath, maintaining safety and security is paramount. Our comprehensive safety and security solutions provide peace of mind, implementing measures to safeguard personnel, equipment, and critical infrastructure.