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Optimizing Post-Construction Inspections for CenterPoint

The Challenge

CenterPoint, a prominent utility provider in the Houston area, sought to enhance their post-construction inspection process for their extensive distribution system. The sheer volume and diverse nature of these inspections, coupled with a complex internal workflow, posed challenges in ensuring timely follow-up and documentation.

The Solution

Think Power collaborated with CenterPoint to address these challenges by providing resources for physical inspections and leveraging Think Power’s software technology to streamline workflow. The following solutions were implemented:

  • Mapping Technology for Field Efficiency: Think Power utilized mapping technology to locate inspection sites across the service territory, significantly improving field efficiency. This allowed inspectors to better plan their day-to-day activities by visualizing the locations of all projects requiring inspection and navigating between sites more efficiently.
  • Web-Based Dashboard for Real-Time Status: A web-based dashboard mapped detailed inspection status and results, enabling managers to instantly visualize geographically based status at a glance. This provided real-time insights into inspection progress and facilitated proactive decision-making.
  • Streamlined Data Entry: Key job information was preloaded on inspectors’ tablets, minimizing the opportunity for data entry errors and ensuring accuracy in inspection reporting for performance evaluation and improvement.
  • Automatic Report Generation: Inspection reports were automatically generated and immediately sent to management via email, streamlining the reporting process and ensuring timely dissemination of inspection results. Additionally, reports were archived on a document server for easy access and reference.

Key Benefits

  1. Improved Efficiency: Utilizing mapping technology and streamlined processes resulted in substantial improvements in field efficiency, enabling inspectors to optimize their daily activities.
  2. Real-Time Performance Monitoring: The web-based dashboard provided real-time visibility into inspection status and results, empowering managers to make informed decisions and take timely action.
  3. Enhanced Data Integrity: Preloading key job information minimized data entry errors, ensuring the accuracy of inspection reports and enhancing overall data integrity.
  4. Automated Reporting: Automatic report generation and distribution streamlined the reporting process, saving time and ensuring that management received timely updates on inspection results.

The Results

By partnering with Think Power, CenterPoint successfully optimized its post-construction inspection process, resulting in improved efficiency, enhanced data accuracy, and real-time visibility into inspection status and results. Think Power’s tailored solutions and technology integration empowered CenterPoint to streamline workflow, improve decision-making, and enhance overall performance in managing their distribution system.