Project Management Services

Optimize Performance.
Mitigate Risk.

Partnering with the Think Power Solutions Project Management Team puts a wealth of knowledge at your disposal.

project management

We align business practices with strategic objectives, combining Technology and Human Performance analytics to help you achieve your goals with fewer risks, fewer costs, and better results.

Our project controls allow you to navigate regulatory pressure, adapt to workplace challenges, monitor performance, facilitate communication, and identify critical pathways for success. With an innovative approach that incorporates technology, tactics are honed, problems resolved, and action taken to ensure plans are executed on time and on budget.

Project Management & Support Services

Project Controls

Regulatory Compliance

Data & Risk Management

Material Management

  • Project Controls and Project Scheduling

    Think Power’s process enables clients to isolate project pertinent activities and due dates, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. Our specialists monitor and document deliverables in real time, while also providing dynamic action suggestions on a continuous basis.

    • Real-time schedule monitoring and schedule compression techniques, such as schedule crashing, fast tracking, and resource reallocation, allow us to capture project change documentation and follow up on changes from occurrence through mitigation.
    • Our technology serves as a system of records for all clients, where summary data is quickly parsed and sorted so all relevant project information is aggregated and readily accessible at all times, never more than one touch away.
  • Risk Analysis, Ranking, and Management
    We take a calculated approach to client risk, capturing and scrutinizing data in order to implement effective safeguards. Risk ranking creates secure, reliable, and productive workflows that allow us to detect, track, and close out active threats. Our technology platform also serves as a system of record, making all short term and long term project data available to our clients at all times.
  • Resource Analysis
    Think Power provides a thorough understanding of your organization and resources, in order to minimize shortfalls and excesses. Our detailed histograms allow you to perform resource smoothing as needed, with real-time information on resource breakdown structures and budgeted labor units, to help you deploy assets effectively and efficiently.
  • Portfolio Management
    Because information is only useful when it can be understood, our staff organizes and consolidates financial, operational, and scheduling data on one convenient platform. Our software solutions keep your team up-to-date on the big picture, so everyone ‒ executives, project managers, stakeholders, and team members ‒ can make meaningful, impactful, and informed decisions.
  • Cost Management
    Think Power’s database helps you create and maintain budget forecasts using insights gathered in real-time. We work constantly to deliver actionable intelligence, seamlessly integrating with SAP, Access, and all other management systems in the industry.
  • Development of Standards and Processes
    Using industry best practices, our collaborative platform helps develop standardized solutions for both large and small organizations. Once in place, KPI monitoring highlights problematic areas of execution and allows clients to focus on processes that affect change and reduce risk. Our unbiased approach enforces uniform, client-specific standards across the entire project.
  • Data Collection and Analytics

    Tracking key performance indicators allows you to assess the performance of your teams. Primary metrics include:

    • Error Rate Monitoring – Provides project stakeholders with error information as it happens, enabling them to respond and take control of situations as they occur.
    • On-Time Completion Rate – Compares planned completion dates with actual completion dates, giving you a quick, real-time snapshot of project delivery performance.
    • Time Lost Monitoring – Compiles issues resulting in time lost as they occur. Our continuous improvement tools process lessons learned analytically and include all project stakeholders.
  • Short and Long Term Planning
    We help clients create action plans to improve daily performance, as well as build comprehensive frameworks to pinpoint unmitigated risks and ensure proper steps are taken for success.
  • Contractor Performance Monitoring
    We track performance across crews and projects in order to spotlight high performing contractors and exclude substandard ones.

At Think Power Solutions, your business is our business. Our Project Management team is a trusted partner providing technology-driven solutions that drive operational efficiency, elevate customer experiences, and maximize shareholder value. With flexible and agile service delivery, our consultants help you overcome the complexities of utility construction, setting new standards for safety and human performance.