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Revolutionizing Construction Oversight for ONCOR Electric Delivery

The Challenge

ONCOR Electric Delivery sought to develop a robust construction oversight program to effectively manage their major capital transmission line and substation construction projects. With a focus on aligning project spending and construction execution with established goals, ONCOR identified several key needs for the program:

  • Improve collaboration between field teams and the engineering department.
  • Enhance communication of issues related to material, right-of-way, permitting, and other project challenges.
  • Streamline tracking of project progress across the entire program.
  • Minimize the impact of material issues on construction by detecting problems early and holding vendors accountable.

As ONCOR’s CAPEX exceeded $1.7 billion annually, material issues began to escalate, resulting in significant extra expenditures due to construction contractor change orders and related issues in the field.

The Solution

ONCOR enlisted Think Power to address these challenges. Leveraging the expertise of the existing Think Power PMO team and proprietary project management technology, the following solutions were implemented:

  • Real-time Project Progress Tracking: Think Power personnel utilized advanced technology to track project progress in real-time, analyzing data against pre-defined metrics and providing automatic updates to project managers.
  • Timely Issue Communication: Engineering teams were promptly informed of field issues with documentation, facilitating swift resolutions and substantial cost-savings.
  • Comprehensive Project Monitoring: The Think Power PMO team monitored overall project reporting, scheduling, and staffing to ensure accurate project information was communicated and projects remained on track to meet schedule milestones.
  • Cost Reduction Measures: Think Power implemented accurate real-time monitoring of planned vs. actual budgets, resulting in significant cost reductions across the CAPEX program.
  • Material Issue Management: Through effective data collection and automated analytics, Think Power identified and quantified material issues for ONCOR, providing actionable intelligence and minimizing the impact of material-related challenges.
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Feedback: Classified material issues identified in the field provided valuable feedback to material vendors, enabling improvements in their quality control processes.

Key Benefits

  1. Enhanced Collaboration: Improved collaboration between field teams and the engineering department.
  2. Cost Savings: Significant cost reductions achieved through real-time budget monitoring and issue resolution.
  3. Efficient Project Management: Streamlined project tracking and communication led to improved project management efficiency.
  4. Streamlined Material Management: Proactive identification and management of material issues resulted in reduced project delays and extra expenditures.
  5. Continuous Improvement: Valuable QA/QC feedback provided to material vendors facilitated ongoing improvements in their manufacturing processes.

The Results

Think Power’s innovative solutions revolutionized construction oversight for ONCOR Electric Delivery, leading to enhanced project efficiency, cost savings, and improved overall project outcomes. By addressing key challenges and implementing effective strategies, Think Power enabled ONCOR to achieve its project goals and maintain its position as a leader in the energy industry.