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Enhancing Transmission Asset Management for LS Power

The Challenge

LS Power, with a growing portfolio of transmission assets spanning multiple regions from New York to Texas, recognized the need to expand its services to support the long-term management of its capital assets. With an increasing number of assets under management, LS Power sought to enhance its technology solutions to streamline asset management processes, improve operational efficiency, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

The Solution

Think Power was selected to provide technology solutions to support LS Power in achieving its overall program objectives. Think Power’s comprehensive solutions included:

  • Mobile Applications: Think Power developed mobile applications designed to facilitate aerial patrols, conduct ground verifications, document physical hardware inspections, and track the status of completed work. These applications enabled field personnel to efficiently capture data and streamline inspection processes, enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of asset management activities.
  • Web Interface: Think Power implemented a web interface that provided local or national utility management with insights into the overall program. This interface served as a centralized platform for monitoring project progress, tracking compliance-related activities, and generating comprehensive reports. By consolidating data and providing real-time visibility, the web interface empowered decision-makers to make informed decisions and ensure regulatory compliance.

Key Benefits

  1. Mobile Asset Management Tools: The mobile applications developed by Think Power enabled field personnel to streamline inspection processes, reducing manual efforts and improving operational efficiency. By digitizing data capture and reporting, LS Power experienced significant time savings and increased productivity in asset management activities.
  2. NERC/FERC Compliance
  3. Capitol Asset & ROW Maintenance
  4. Enhanced Data Accuracy: Think Power’s technology solutions facilitated the capture of accurate and comprehensive data during aerial patrols, ground verifications, and hardware inspections. By leveraging mobile applications, LS Power improved data accuracy and reliability, enabling more informed decision-making and proactive maintenance planning.
  5. Comprehensive Compliance Reporting: The web interface provided by Think Power served as a centralized system of record for compliance-related activities, allowing utility management to generate comprehensive reports on project progress, inspection findings, and regulatory compliance. This enhanced reporting capability enabled LS Power to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements and maintain transparency with stakeholders.
  6. Streamlined Program Management: Think Power’s integrated technology solutions streamlined program management for LS Power, enabling centralized monitoring of project activities, resource allocation, and compliance status. By providing real-time insights and actionable data, LS Power could proactively address issues, optimize resources, and ensure the successful long-term management of transmission assets.

The Results

Through its partnership with Think Power and the implementation of advanced technology solutions, LS Power achieved significant improvements in operational efficiency, data accuracy, and program management for its transmission assets. The adoption of mobile applications and the web interface facilitated streamlined inspection processes, enhanced data capture, and comprehensive reporting capabilities, enabling LS Power to optimize asset management practices, ensure regulatory compliance, and drive long-term success across its transmission portfolio.