For AEP's Transmission Construction Management (TCR) program, the contractor supplies all necessary personnel and supervision to provide construction oversight on AEP's $3 billion transmission capital project portfolio. Transmission Construction Representatives, or TCRs, serve as the "eyes and the ears of the client", providing quality assurance that the construction drawings match the final builds. The AEP TCR program was previously established with a single contractor providing such services. AEP wanted to diversify beyond its original single contractor, to minimize risk and ensure a robust program. But with a footprint across eleven states, 220,000 distribution line miles, and 40,000 transmission line miles, AEP's expansive and diverse service area posed a challenge for any one contractor to service. And with a laser focus on safety and compliance, AEP's strict contract requirements created substantial barriers to entry including high liability insurance requirements, strict training requirements such as first aid/CPR/AED and OSHA 30, and a regimented safety and PPE protocol.


With several years of focused Construction Inspection and Oversight experience, Think Power Solutions was uniquely able to quickly locate appropriate candidates to fulfill the TCR requirements. To cover the expansion across the Central and Midwest U.S., Think Power swiftly installed group managers with utility construction experience, and direct client experience where possible, to build teams. Additionally, all contract compliance requirements were addressed within weeks of signing, including but not limited to, a fleet program, a drug and alcohol screening process, increased training, a robust safety program including an onboarding package that included required PPE, such as arc flash resistant clothing and safety vests, and head/hand/eye/ear/foot protection. Within three months of contract ratification, TCRs were onsite with all appropriate training and gear, and the processes were put in place to continue hiring as needed, often within a week of client notice.

Key Benefits to the Utility

  • Experienced managers trained to select qualified construction inspectors with industry expertise, who are employee-focused and provide a strong culture with positive employee morale
  • Construction inspectors motivated by a collaborative team environment that encourages knowledge-sharing
  • Established processes that enable onboarding within a week
  • Technology-driven reports sent daily, to keep the client informed on the progress of the project, including any issues or challenges, and high-resolution images to paint the picture for engineers and project managers back in the client office.