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24 Hour Turnaround on Storm Assessments

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Improved Safety

Rapid Response and Efficient Surveillance in Colorado City Storm Aftermath

The Challenge

In the aftermath of a quick-moving storm that hit the Colorado City, Texas area in late spring 2018, Large IOU faced the daunting task of assessing and restoring twenty miles of downed 345kV line. The vast and sandy terrain, coupled with limited access due to private ranch land and downed power lines obstructing the single access point, presented significant challenges for surveying and restoration efforts.

The Solution

Think Power Solutions swiftly responded to Large IOU’s request, deploying a team to the impacted location within hours. Leveraging drones, the team conducted rapid and comprehensive surveillance of the impacted area. Key solutions provided by Think Power included:

  • Real-time Surveillance: Drones captured high-resolution photographs of the entire 20-mile impact zone in real time, enabling Large IOU to promptly evaluate the level of damage and prioritize restoration efforts.
  • Efficient Restoration Planning: The prompt receipt of surveillance images facilitated effective line patrol and assessment of right-of-way access, streamlining equipment delivery and restoration efforts.
  • Enhanced Safety Measures: Drone inspections minimized human interaction with downed power lines, reducing safety risks and ensuring proactive hazard identification and resolution before crew arrival.
  • Public Safety Evaluation: Think Power evaluated road crossings to identify any additional public safety concerns and assess travel paths’ passability for the public, enhancing overall safety measures.

Key Benefits

  1. 24 Hour Turnaround on Storm Assessments: Think Power’s efficient surveillance methods expedited restoration efforts, enabling Large IOU to swiftly prioritize and address damage along the entire line.
  2. Improved Efficiency: The use of drones significantly increased overall restoration efficiency by minimizing human interaction, reducing wear and tear on vehicles, and streamlining equipment delivery.
  3. Improved Safety: By minimizing safety risks associated with downed power lines and conducting proactive hazard identification, Think Power ensured a safer working environment for restoration crews and the public.

The Results

Think Power Solutions’ rapid response and efficient surveillance capabilities enabled Large IOU to overcome the challenges posed by the Colorado City storm aftermath. By leveraging innovative drone technology and real-time surveillance, Large IOU efficiently assessed damage, prioritized restoration efforts, and ensured public safety, ultimately facilitating the swift restoration of power in the affected area.