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Safe and Efficient Evaluation of Corsicana, Texas Storm Damage

The Challenge

Following a significant rainfall event in late fall 2018, the Corsicana, Texas area experienced severe flooding, resulting in the washout of a single pole steel tangent in a 138kV line between the Sandow and Temple Switches. Additionally, two pole structures on the opposite side of the swollen river became inaccessible, posing challenges for inspection and evaluation by Large IOU engineers. Despite the passing of the most threatening phase of the storm, lingering winds averaging 20-25 mph and dense foliage around the area presented safety and visibility concerns.

The Solution

Think Power Solutions deployed its Matrice 200 Series drone, equipped with advanced capabilities to safely navigate moderate sustained winds and capture high-quality aerial footage. Key solutions provided by Think Power included:

  • Safe Aerial Evaluation: The Matrice 200 Series drone enabled safe and detailed aerial inspections of the damaged pole structures and surrounding areas, providing Large IOU engineers with real-time, up-close views of welds, bolts, arms, and connections points.
  • Cost and Time Savings: By facilitating remote inspections, Think Power Solutions reduced the need for heavy machinery onsite and eliminated right-of-way (ROW) access concerns and associated costs, streamlining restoration activities.
  • Enhanced Safety Measures: The use of drone technology minimized safety risks associated with on-foot inspections in hazardous conditions, ensuring the safety of Large IOU representatives and reducing the need for additional foot patrols.

Key Benefits

  1. Detailed Inspection: Think Power’s drone technology provided Large IOU engineers with detailed visual assessments of the remaining poles and structures, enabling confident decisions regarding re-energization without the need for additional foot patrols.
  2. Cost and Resource Efficiency: By eliminating the need for heavy machinery and off-ROW access, Think Power Solutions saved Large IOU time and money, optimizing restoration efforts and resource allocation.
  3. Improved Safety: The use of drone technology mitigated safety risks associated with manual inspections in challenging terrain and adverse weather conditions, ensuring the safety of personnel and enhancing overall operational safety.

The Results

Think Power Solutions’ deployment of the Matrice 200 Series drone facilitated safe, efficient, and cost-effective evaluations of storm damage in the Corsicana, Texas area. By leveraging advanced aerial technology, Think Power enabled Large IOU to conduct detailed inspections, optimize resource allocation, and enhance safety measures, ultimately expediting the restoration process and minimizing downtime.