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Project Management Office (PMO)

About Think Power PMO

Our Mission is to provide best in class PMO and Project Controls services by combining traditional Project Controls and PMO services with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Information Technology (IT) and Human Performance (HP).

Think Power's technology platform helps digitize documents, provide automation technology for real-time project updates, and uses AI for business intelligence.

Our AI, IT, and HP driven project controls and PMO services helps to:
  • Improve Productivity
  • Recognize opportunities for cost savings
  • Establish and/or refine processes
  • Align processes with strategic goals
  • Develop and implement change management practices
  • Increase organizational intelligence

PMO Consulting

PMO services provided by Think Power helps align our client's business practices with their overall strategic objectives.

PMO Support

Project Controls and Scheduling

Technology Platform

PMO Support

Risk Analysis, Ranking and Management

  • By taking a calculated approach to understand client risks, Think Power’s risk assessment process captures and analyzes risk data so that proper risk mitigation measures can be put in place for successful program delivery. This approach prevents failures that result in project delays and budget excesses.
  • Risk ranking solutions provide secure, reliable and effective work flows to identify, track and close out active project risks. Think Power also serves as a system of record to ensure that all project reference data is available both in the short term and the long term.
Resource Analysis

  • By thoroughly understanding our client’s organization and resources, Think Power provides valuable insight to help our clients deploy their valuable resources and effectively. Our proactive approach ensures that there are no surprises when it comes to resource shortfalls and excesses.
  • Detailed resource histogram views provide real time information on Think Power’s technology platform. Using a bottom up approach resource breakdown structure, budgeted labor units are uploaded at project onset. Our platform continuously provides clients with the information they need to implement resource smoothing as needed.
Portfolio Management

  • With experience from commercial, industrial, and utility work around the US, our staff is trained to see the big picture. Because information is only useful when it can be understood, our communication techniques and platform ensure that our clients are provided actional data to make meaningful, impactful and informed decisions.
  • By organizing and consolidating financial, operational, and schedule data regarding ongoing projects, our platform gives clients the ability to see the big picture. Our software solutions provide executives, project managers, stakeholders, and team members a closed loop environment that improves communication and keeps everyone up-to-date with reliable and actionable data to make meaningful, impactful and informed decisions.
Cost Management

  • Creating and maintaining budget forecasts using real time cost data is a top priority in the utility industry. Think Power’s IT, AI, PMO, and Project Controls work seamlessly to deliver actionable data to make informed decisions.
  • Think Power technology platforms’s interface is built to import data from SAP, Access, or any other database in use today.
Data collection and Analytics/ KPI’s

The value provided to our clients is measured in dollars saved, and our services include:

  • Error Rates Monitoring – Project stakeholders receive project error information as it happens in real time, giving them a chance to respond and take control of situations as they occur.
  • On Time Completion Rate – Metrics for on time completion were designed specifically for the utility industry. This metric compares planned completion dates with actual completion dates. This gives clients a quick snapshot of their project delivery performance anytime, and in real time.
  • Time Lost Monitoring – Issues resulting in time lost are compiled in real time. We use our HP tool of continuous improvement to perform lessons learned analytically and include all project stakeholders.
Development of Standards and Processes using industry best practices

  • Using our collaborative platform, Think Power’s method of understanding the maturity of a client’s organization and developing standardized solutions fits all organizations both large and small. Once the solutions are in place, KPI’s highlight problematic areas in the execution process and allow clients to focus on mitigations and process that effect change.
  • Using our unbiased approach, the platform enforces uniform, client-specified standards across the project.
Short and Long term planning

  • Our clients appreciate our ability to both create action plans that improve performance daily, as well as put in place a comprehensive framework to identify unmitigated risks and ensure proper steps are taken for project success.

Project Controls and Project Scheduling

  • Critical Path Method (CPM) is used for project schedules and baselines. We develop standardized processes and workflows for client projects using project schedule information such as early dates, late dates, and project float, and implementing constraints as required by our clients. Think Power’s technology platform enables our clients to isolate their project pertinent activities and due dates to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks with regards to required project activities.
  • Think Power’s technology platform dashboards provide the backbone of our project controls department, and our specialists monitor and document deliverables in real time, as well as proactively provide corrective action suggestions to our clients on a continuous basis.
  • Think Power’s real time schedule monitoring processes enable the best practice schedule compression techniques such as schedule crashing, fast tracking, and resource reallocation
  • Think Power technology platform’s Change Management solutions ensure that our specialists have the ability to capture project change documentation as well as follow up on changes from occurrence through mitigation.
  • Serving as a system of record for all of our clients, Think Power’s technology platform enables proper, thorough and secure database maintenance and document control. Summary data is routinely and quickly parsed and sorted so that all relevant project information is aggregated and one touch away.

Think Power's Technology Platform


  • Risk Analysis, Ranking and Management, Resource Analysis, Portfolio Management, Cost Management, Data collection and Analytics/ KPI’s, Short and Long term planning, data collection, document storage, secure, reliable
Contractor Performance

  • Contractor Performance Monitoring: Monitor performance across crews and projects and keeps management informed on a real time basis of poor performing contractors