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Efficient Project Execution

Streamlining Project Management for Brazos Valley Connection Transmission Line

The Challenge

The Brazos Valley Connection (BVC) involved the construction of a double circuit 345kV transmission line spanning Harris, Waller, Grimes, Madison, Leon, and Limestone counties, valued at $310 million. CenterPoint, the client, faced challenges quickly staffing subject matter experts to meet executive leadership demands.

  • Property Acquisition and Soil Borings: The project involved acquiring multiple properties and conducting soil borings, necessitating negotiations with various landowners and entities before project engineering could commence. This process was complex and time-consuming, requiring efficient management to ensure timely progress.
  • Hurricane Harvey Impact: The original project deadline of September 2018 was accelerated to June 2018 due to concerns about reliability. Hurricane Harvey further complicated matters, requiring proactive collaboration and adjustments to mitigate disruptions and ensure project continuity.

The Solution

  • Strategic Project Management: Think Power was engaged to provide expertise and leverage technology to manage the project effectively from the engineering phase through project closeout. Our team streamlined project management activities, including monitoring, reporting, and decision-making, to enhance efficiency and productivity.
  • Technology Integration: Leveraging our technology dashboards, we facilitated progress updates and monitored key performance indicators, enabling real-time tracking of project milestones and identifying areas for optimization. This integration enhanced transparency and communication across the project team, fostering collaboration and informed decision-making.
  • Timeline Optimization: In response to the accelerated deadline and the impact of Hurricane Harvey, we actively collaborated with the project team to adjust schedules and priorities, ensuring adherence to the revised timeline without compromising quality or safety standards. Our proactive approach helped mitigate risks and maintain project momentum despite external challenges.

Key Benefits

  1. Improved Efficiency: By centralizing project management activities and leveraging technology-driven solutions, we enhanced efficiency in project monitoring and execution, enabling timely decision-making and resource allocation. This streamlined approach optimized project workflows and minimized delays, contributing to overall project success.
  2. Efficient Project Execution: Despite facing external disruptions such as Hurricane Harvey, our proactive management and strategic adjustments ensured project continuity and reliability. By effectively navigating challenges and maintaining a focus on project objectives, we upheld the client’s confidence and delivered results aligned with their expectations.

The Results

Through collaborative partnership and strategic project management, Think Power successfully supported CenterPoint in overcoming challenges and achieving project milestones for the Brazos Valley Connection transmission line. Our integrated approach, combining technology, expertise, and proactive problem-solving, demonstrated our commitment to delivering value and driving project success in dynamic and demanding environments.