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Streamlining Planning, Design, and Execution for Transmission Line and Substation Construction

The Challenge

The construction project involved the development of a new transmission line spanning 55.5 miles and the construction of a new substation, totaling $483 million across 20 infrastructure projects. Our team was tasked with supervising the planning, design, and execution phases of the project to ensure its successful completion.

  • Property Acquisition and Soil Borings: The project spanned multiple properties, requiring soil borings to be conducted for data gathering. Negotiations with multiple landowners and entities were necessary, and delays in soil boring acquisition could impact the release of work orders and rebar orders.
  • Master Scheduling and Coordination: Given the scale and complexity of the project, effective coordination among various departments, including Transmission Engineering, Civil Engineering, Operations, and Surveying, was crucial. Developing a master schedule and managing cross-departmental dependencies posed significant challenges.

The Solution

  • Preliminary Orders Release Strategy: To mitigate delays caused by soil boring acquisition, Think Power Solutions devised a strategy to release preliminary orders based on scope estimates. This allowed work orders to proceed while final soil boring data was pending. Think Power maintained a Soil Boring tracker per section and facilitated constant communication across departments to ensure timely updates and adjustments.
  • Master Schedule Development: Collaborating with CNP Master Scheduler and other relevant departments, Think Power framed a comprehensive master schedule for the project, incorporating logic and cross dependencies. The Think Power team actively participated in framing the Transmission Engineering schedule for different sections of the project, ensuring alignment with overall project objectives and timelines.
  • Technology-Driven Progress Monitoring: Leveraging technology dashboards, Think Power enabled real-time progress tracking and reporting, facilitating transparent communication and accountability across the project team. Weekly meetings were conducted to provide updates on project progress and address any emerging issues or concerns.

Key Benefits

  1. Improved Efficiency: By implementing a proactive approach to preliminary orders release and developing a comprehensive master schedule, we enhanced project efficiency and minimized delays. Our streamlined processes and effective coordination ensured seamless progression through project phases, optimizing resource utilization and minimizing downtime.
  2. Enhanced Collaboration: Through constant communication and collaboration across departments, we fostered a culture of teamwork and alignment, enabling smooth project execution and mitigating risks associated with interdepartmental dependencies. Our integrated approach facilitated timely decision-making and problem-solving, enhancing overall project outcomes.
  3. Cost and Resource Efficiency

The Results

Through strategic planning, effective coordination, and technology-driven solutions, we successfully supervised the planning, design, and execution of the transmission line and substation construction project. Our proactive approach to addressing challenges and facilitating collaboration among stakeholders contributed to the project’s timely completion and alignment with customer expectations. Overall, our efforts demonstrated our commitment to delivering value and driving success in complex infrastructure projects.