Think Power Solutions promotes a culture that cultivates an ongoing education of safety with opportunities for improvement. Even the best of us are fallible, the goal is to break a link in the chain that leads to error. HP analyzes how actions can result in mistakes and how behaviors can reduce or eliminate mistakes. It helps an individual maintain positive control of a work situation, ensuring that what is intended to happen is all that happens.

Think Power's HP objective is twofold:

  1. Adopt HP principles, concepts, and tools to support and enhance our existing safety and operational performance.
  2. To create a "Just Culture" where all employees are engaged in a High Reliable Organization that focuses on learning and continuous improvement.

Principles of Human Performance

  1. People are fallible, and even the best people make mistakes!
  2. Error-likely situations are predictable, manageable, and preventable
  3. Individual behavior is influenced by organizational processes and values
  4. People achieve high levels of performance largely because of the encouragement and reinforcement received from leaders, peers, and subordinates
  5. Events can be avoided by understanding the reasons why mistakes occur and applying the lessons learned from past events (or errors)

Concepts of Human Performance

The four concepts of Think Power's HP program are based on in-depth defenses built on Redundancy, Diversity, and Independence as listed:

  1. Every failure happens because some defense either did not work or was not present in the work environment
  2. A careful review of incidents should involve an investigation and review of company processes and procedures, not simply the worker's involvement
  3. Utilizing the information provided in a Shareable Moment allows the organization to learn, predict, and adapt before a major mistake or accident occurs
  4. All employees should be encouraged to have a questioning attitude. If something doesn't seem right, questions about that process or procedure should be openly accepted.

Tools of Human Performance

Think Power's HP Tools are meant to be a practical application of HP principles that can be used in our everyday work environment. Simply taking the time to use one or more of the following tools before the start of a job helps Think Power employees prevent an error from occurring. Think Power's employee training will focus on understanding and applying these tools.

  1. Job Pause - take time, do it safely, do it right.
  2. Questioning Attitude - what are the consequences of failure?
  3. Key Tasks - identifying those things that must be done right
  4. Effective Communication - mutual understanding is essential
  5. Verifications - check, double check and ask for help
  6. Near Miss Reporting - we can learn from shareable moments