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Asset Management

We inspect T&D assets, collect data, provide data analytics, and develop life-cycle cost-benefit strategies to aid in risk based capital planning and useful life optimization of assets. As part of the Think Power Asset Management practice, Think Power's expertise includes:
Reliability Centered Maintenance and Condition Based Maintenance
Identification of physical asset problems and common vulnerabilities in the system
Identification of data quality issues and hidden failures that manifest itself over time

Asset Inspection

Think Power provides asset inspection services for our clients on Transmission, Distribution, and Substation assets. Typical responsibilities include:
  • Responsible to patrol, inspect, document and file annual ground patrols of transmission, distribution, and substation facilities.
  • Assist owner with identifying and isolating outages and develop best practices for timely restoration.
  • Identify and report transmission, distribution, and substation damages.
  • Coordinate with vendors to obtain the required replacement materials for repairs.
  • Collate information about the condition of existing assets on Think Power ONE to perform Reliability Centered Maintenance recommendations.