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Software Products

Field Construction Management

Think Power’s Field Construction Management Software provides for field users and office users to be in complete sync on the construction at the field site. Features of the Construction Management software include:
  • Mobile friendly inspection software
  • Daily reports filed on mobile devices in the field can be viewed in the office on email and on custom dashboard visualizations.
  • Track issues and progress on the project at the field site and monitor the same in the office
  • Offline availability in the field to project documents
  • Custom inspection forms for each step of the construction process. For example, line construction projects could have foundation assessments, sagging and clipping assessments etc.
  • Line Mapper, a custom iPad app, allows users to track the construction of transmission lines with ability to track construction progress of each transmission pole or tower access routes, construction caution and warning sites such as transmission and distribution line crossings, gas pipelines etc.

Project Management

Think Power’s Project Management software provides for start-to-finish management of high capital transmission and substation projects. Think Power software integrates with Oracle P6 and is a seamless addition to your existing scheduling workflow. Think Power Project Management software provides for custom utility workflow processes and business intelligence analytics to add value and unify current project management tools. Features include:
  • Schedule integration with P6
  • Visual front-end to P6 data that is easy to use and extract useful information
  • In-depth financial tracking and visuals
  • Track project/engineer/contractor performance
  • Track all project level data including change requests, project notes, issues etc.
  • Custom forms and workflows to fit intra and inter-departmental workflow processes.

Vegetation Management

Think Power’s Vegetation Management Suite provides a complete range of tools for utilities to manage their vegetation program from planning to work auditing. The primary suite modules include:
  • Planning of work
  • Work assignment to tree contractors
  • Reporting of performed work by tree contractors
  • Work auditing
  • Analytics and business intelligence to analyze system health, cost and other metrics.