Facing a growing number of construction projects, the existing staff responsible for construction project oversight was starting to get backlogged. Large IOU asked Think Power Solutions to provide additional trained field inspectors to help stay ahead of the workload.
  • DCCs would work on both overhead and underground construction projects
  • Ensure timely project completion and that all work is done to Large IOU specifications
  • Reduce project closeout time and eliminate errors in closeout documentation


Think Power's staff of well trained and highly experienced individuals were able to step in and hit the ground running, managing projects in both the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro area as well as the remote West Texas oil fields.
  • Incorporating proprietary mobile mapping technology allowed the Think Power DCCs to manage many widely scattered projects much better than through manual or paper processes.
  • Important details of each project including status are stored in the map which allows for efficient planning of activities for the day.
  • Think Power DCC's spend less time on the road and more time on the projects using current project information.
  • Daily digital reports keep the client informed about work activities and any issues that are being addressed.
Large IOU has been very pleased with the quality of the Think Power field employees. Not only are they knowledgeable about the field processes, they are well organized, make efficient use of technology, and provide professional yet personal interaction with both the construction contractors and the Large IOU management.