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Overcoming Challenges in UG Primary Cable Replacement Project

The Challenge

The project involved the replacement of an aging underground primary cable to address recurring outages and enhance grid reliability for customers. Crews were tasked with replacing the old cable and upgrading all equipment on poles and pad-mount transformers to improve grid performance.

Several months into the project, a financial issue emerged concerning rock adders. A subset of crews was overcharging the customer for each job and not utilizing the proper equipment for accurate measurements. This discrepancy resulted in excessive costs and threatened to exceed the project’s budget.

The Solution

  • Enhanced Oversight & Accountability: With expertise in both overhead and underground operations, Think Power Solutions conducted thorough assessments to identify areas where contractors were taking advantage of existing management practices. Clear instructions were provided to ensure that each project was executed correctly, with no room for excessive charges or budget overages.
  • Streamlined Measurement Process: Recognizing the challenges posed by inaccurate rock measurements, Think Power Solutions implemented a simple, yet effective, solution to ensure accurate daily measurements of rock quantities. This proactive approach eliminated the need to wait for job completion to obtain footage measurements, preventing costly discrepancies and ensuring transparency in project expenses.

Key Benefits

  1. Improved Cost Control: By addressing the financial issue with rock adders and implementing a streamlined measurement process, we ensured tighter control over project costs, preventing excessive charges and budget overages. This proactive approach safeguarded the client’s financial interests and optimized project expenditures.
  2. Enhanced Efficiency & Transparency: Clear instructions and streamlined processes contributed to improved project efficiency and transparency. Crews were equipped with the necessary guidance to execute tasks accurately, reducing the likelihood of errors and delays. Additionally, transparent measurement practices provided the client with real-time visibility into project progress and expenses, fostering trust and accountability.

The Results

By quickly addressing financial discrepancies and measurement accuracy, and implementing effective solutions, Think Power Solutions not only optimized project performance but also strengthened our client’s confidence in our capabilities. The project served as an eye-opener, highlighting the importance of robust oversight and streamlined processes in achieving project success while maintaining fiscal responsibility.