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Enhancing Material & Construction Management for Large IOU Electric Delivery

The Challenge

Large IOU Electric Delivery sought to develop a comprehensive Material Management and Construction Management program for their transmission line and substation construction projects. With an annual Capex exceeding $700M, the company aimed to improve collaboration between field teams and the engineering department, enhance communication on project-related issues, and reduce the impact of material issues on construction delays. The challenges included the need to track project progress in real-time, address material defects promptly, and mitigate additional expenditures resulting from construction issues.

The Solution

Large IOU Electric Delivery engaged Think Power Solutions to address these challenges through construction and material management initiatives. Think Power Solutions implemented the following strategies:

  • Real-time Project Progress Tracking: Think Power personnel utilized technology to track real-time project progress in the field. Data collected was automatically fed into dashboards, providing project managers with immediate visibility into project status.
  • Enhanced Communication: Engineering teams were promptly informed of issues through pixel-perfect images and documentation, facilitating rapid issue resolution and cost savings.
  • Matting Cost Reduction: Think Power Solutions achieved significant reductions in matting costs by accurately collecting field data on mat locations and usage, compared to contractor billed usage, resulting in cost savings for Large IOU.
  • Material Issue Quantification: Through data collection, construction management, and material management systems, Think Power Solutions helped Large IOU quantify material issues, enabling actionable intelligence to address them promptly and effectively.
  • QA/QC Feedback: Identified material issues provided valuable QA/QC feedback to material vendors, enabling them to improve their quality control processes and mitigate defects in manufacturing plants.

Key Benefits

  1. Cost Savings: By addressing material issues promptly and accurately tracking project progress, Large IOU Electric Delivery achieved significant cost savings, reducing additional expenditures associated with construction delays and material defects.
  2. Improved Efficiency: Real-time project tracking and enhanced communication streamlined collaboration between field teams and the engineering department, improving overall project efficiency and reducing delays.
  3. Improved Quality Control: The identification and classification of material issues provided valuable QA/QC feedback to material vendors, ensuring higher quality standards in manufacturing processes and reducing defects in construction materials.

The Results

Think Power Solutions’ tailored approach to material and construction management empowered Large IOU Electric Delivery to overcome challenges associated with Capex growth and construction complexities. By leveraging innovative technology, efficient data collection, and strategic collaboration, Large IOU achieved significant cost savings, improved project efficiency, and enhanced quality control, contributing to the success of its transmission line and substation construction projects.